Our Services For Clients


We are broadcasting all kind of sports. Our streaming system supports graphics for team logos, live score and statistics, as well as instant replays from multiple camera angles.
We have a special expertise in broadcasting underwater sports, like underwater rugby, underwater hockey, apnoe, finswimming etc. using multiple underwater cameras, underwater cameramen etc.
We also offer the possibility of designing and applying a complete system for data processing, including features like:
a) virtual dashboard for the secretary of the games, where information like score, fouls etc. can be entered,
b) full connection with the streaming desk,
c) synchornized timer and
d) website desing for live results as well as tables with scorers etc. after the event.


Stream your professional conference over youtube, zoom, ms-teams, webex or any other platform, using our multi-cam streaming system. We offer solutions such as graphics for the presentation of the current speaker (lower-thirds), projection of powerpoint presentations next to the speaker (“split screen”), virtual graphical sets etc.


Whether it is a live concert, a theatrical play, a ceremony, or an event of any kind, we can live stream it, both publicly or privately, i.e. to certain audience.