About Us.

The company

We are a company situated in Athens (Greece), but operating in whole Europe and beyond. We are open to new projects all over the world.


We are always trying to combine all kind of new technologies and equipment in order to offer the best possible experience to the viewers.


Not all clients have the same needs. Adjusting to the needs of each individual client is one of our policies.


Our aim is to keep our live streaming system as compact and mobile as possible. Lower travel costs, faster set-up and more discrete presence during the event are some of the advantages


Our first works included live streaming of underwater events, which was an “unexplored territory” and thus a difficult task. Therefore we consider ourselves highly adaptive to new chalenges.

Complete solutions

We are available for designing, applying and maintaining complete solutions, including database and webpage connectivity. Regarding sport events, that would mean connectivity between the secretary of the games, the streaming system and the webpage of the organizer.